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Great work on the FX!

Thank you so much for making this masterpiece! It really captured the anxiety and helplessness associated with trying to work hard at something and being this close to burn-out but still struggling to stay afloat and maintain a balance. I really liked how the effects accentuate the emotions and the multiple endings depending on what you sacrifice.

Thank you so much for your comment!! You really experienced and felt what we aimed to make, which is great for us!

ngl some of the effects made it hard to read. other than that p good! uwu

Thank you! Well yeah, making these effects disturbing was intended to be part of the experience aha

np! and i see what you're saying

Really well made and touching experience. Hope to see more from the author in the future!

Many thanks for the comment, glad you enjoyed it!

Good use of interactivity, nice touches all along the way. Can't wait for you to make another one!

Thank you for the praises, glad you enjoyed it!



Really well made and full of emotive moments.

Thanks, glad you liked the experience!